The 20th ESSKA 2022 Congress will host a variety of sessions with international experts from various fields. More information will come soon!

The Presidential Lecture is a 30-minute lecture given by the ESSKA President, Jacques Menetrey.

The Presidential Guest Lecture is a lecture given by a special guest invited by the Congress President, Thomas Bauer, to deliver a 30-minute lecture.

Further information about this lecture will be announced shortly.


Highlight Lectures constitute one of the main attractions of the scientific programme and are given at prominent times. The highlight speakers will deliver a 30-minutes lecture on their topic of expertise.

In addition, the Congress will feature two special highlight lectures in honour of Ejnar Eriksson and Werner Müller. Find out more…

These 20-minutes lectures are followed by a 10-minutes discussion time. They focus on the trendy topics in each orthopaedics specialty. Find out more

Instructional Course Lectures (ICL) constitute an essential component of the Scientific Programme and are often quoted as the most valuable sessions at the Congress. These sessions are essential to the educational mission of ESSKA. They aim at sharing the most recent knowledge and techniques in the field of orthopaedics. ICL sessions will feature top speakers from ESSKA Sections, Committees and Working groups.

This year, ICLs will be presented in two different formats (one-hour sessions):


Lecture and Discussion

Traditional talks performed by lecturers, followed by questions and discussion.

How Do I Do it?
Short Videos highlighting techniques and process, followed by debriefing from the presenter and discussion with the audience.

More information will be available shortly in the Online Session Planner.

Typical one-hour session featuring 4-5 talks, often including a moderated discussion. This year, the ESSKA Congress will be delighted to introduce traditional and new exciting formats for Symposia:

Lecture and Discussion
Traditional talks given by lecturers, followed by questions and discussion.

How Do I Do it?
Short videos highlighting techniques and processes, followed by debriefing from the presenter and discussion with the audience.

Battle, Debate and Discussion
This format aims at presenting different points of view on certain topics. Two opponents sharing opposite points of view make a controversial presentation on a specific topic, which is then subsequently discussed by the speakers and audience.

Science opens the mind (NEW)
These sessions focus on innovation, future technology, and artificial intelligence. They are intended to feature and promote young researchers. The aim is to open the discussion on these controversial topics (traditional VS new). These sessions are composed of 4-5 presentations and followed by a panel discussion.

State of the Art: evidence-based medicine (NEW)
Session composed of 4-5 presentations that showcase a consensus statement of the Society. Speakers present the best knowledge on a specific topic based on the evidence described in literature reviews.

  • Consensus Symposia are one-hour sessions featuring 4-5 talks, often including moderated discussion. These specific Symposia focus on ESSKA Consensus projects.
  • Partner Society Symposia:  Each Symposium is co-hosted by ESSKA and one of the participating Partner Societies. These sessions feature trending topics and cases discussed by speakers from both ESSKA and the Partner Society. The Partner Socieites participating in a symposium are AANA, AOSSM, APKASS, ICRS, ISAKOS, ISHA and SLARD.
  • Affiliated Society Symposia: These sessions feature 5-6 speakers who are each representing the Affiliated Society of which they are members. These speakers will present their experiences and/or the Symposia will feature specific topics which will be debated in the allocated discussion time. More information on the Affiliated Socieites of ESSKA is available here.
  • Radiology Sessions (NEW): In these 4 sessions, the best radiologists and renowned experts in the field of musculoskeletal radiology will give a thorough overview about state-of-the-art MR imaging of different pathologies of the knee, shoulder, hip and ankle.
  • Hot Topic Battle (NEW): In these short 30-minutes sessions, two renowned speakers will debate on a hot controversial topic. Themes covered in these sessions include knee, osteotomy, meniscus, shoulder, ankle, hip and sports medicine.
  • Team Physician Course (NEW): This new course format includes a lecture series and practical model workshops.
  • 250+ Free Papers: In these sessions, the higher-ranked abstracts submitted to the Congress, are presented in a brief manner (5 minutes) and followed by a short discussion with the audience.
  • Star Paper Session: This session includes the top 6 ranked abstracts, resulting from the reviewing scoring. A jury will judge the presentations onsite and the Theo Van Rens Best Paper Award will be attributed to the winner.More information on ESSKA Awards can be found here.
  • National Societies Best Papers: This session includes the top 10 abstracts that were presented previously in Affiliated Societies’ national congresses.