1/ ESSKA Presidential Lecture

The Presidential Lecture is a 30-minute lecture given by the ESSKA President, Jacques Menetrey. The President chooses a personal topic of his choice which is sure to educate, engage and entertain!

Thursday 28 April, 08.00 – 80.30, Grand Amphitheatre

Jacques Menetrey - Picture New 1

2/ Presidential Guest Lecture: Boldly Together, Explore and Discover

The ESSKA Congress President Thomas Bauer is proud to receive Jean-François Clervoy as his special guest to give a 30-minute lecture on the topic Boldly Together, Explore and Discover.


Jean-François Clervoy was an active astronaut for 33 year serving with CNES, ESA and NASA. His missions included a study of the atmosphere in 1994, a mission to resupply the Russian space station Mir in 1997 and a repair to the Hubble telescope in 1999. Following that, Monsieur Clervoy worked as a senior advisor for the ESA human space flight programme and as chairman-CEO of Novespace which organises weightlessness parabolic flights aboard the Airbus A310 AirZeroG.

Now retired from the astronaut corps, he continues to work as AirZeroG Founder and ambassador, author, inventor and professional speaker. He is member of several organizations for the promotion of space exploration and for the protection of planet Earth.

His lecture at the ESSKA Congress will explore the themes of mental and physical preparation of going into space, team work and innovation.



Thursday, April 28, 08:30 – 09:00, Grand Amphitheatre