Typical one-hour session featuring 4-5 talks, often including a moderated discussion. This year, the ESSKA Congress will be delighted to introduce traditional and new exciting formats for Symposia:

Lecture and Discussion Traditional talks given by lecturers, followed by questions and discussion.

How Do I Do it? Short videos highlighting techniques and processes, followed by debriefing from the presenter and discussion with the audience.

Battle, Debate and Discussion This format aims at presenting different points of view on certain topics. Two opponents sharing opposite points of view make a controversial presentation on a specific topic, which is then subsequently discussed by the speakers and audience.

Science opens the mind (NEW) These sessions focus on innovation, future technology, and artificial intelligence. They are intended to feature and promote young researchers. The aim is to open the discussion on these controversial topics (traditional VS new). These sessions are composed of 4-5 presentations and followed by a panel discussion.

State of the Art: evidence-based medicine (NEW) Session composed of 4-5 presentations that showcase a consensus statement of the Society. Speakers present the best knowledge on a specific topic based on the evidence described in literature reviews.