Michael T. Hirschmann, SWITZERLAND

Prof. Dr. Michael T. Hirschmann is an affiliated professor at Basel University and head of orthopaedic surgery and traumatology at Kantonsspital Baselland, Bruderholz, Switzerland. He is also the medical director of the center of musculoskeletal diseases at Bruderholz and serves as head of a research group at department of clinical research (DKF) at University of Basel, Switzerland focusing on the knee joint. He has published over 300 academic publications in knee surgery as well as several textbooks focused on knee-related research. His research focus has been on diagnostics and treatment of knee injuries involving the cartilage, meniscus or ligaments, diagnostics and treatment of patients with OA and in particular on unhappy patients after knee arthroplasty surgery. Another major research focus lies on the evaluation and development of 3D imaging such as CT, MRI and SPECT/CT on orthopaedic purposes.

He is considered a leading authority on knee injuries and degenerative knee problems as this is a substantial portion of his clinical practice. He has spoken widely across the globe on evidence-based approaches to diagnose and treat knee-related problems such as knee injuries or osteoarthritis.

For his research and contributions, Prof. Hirschmann has received more than 50 national and international awards among those the Swiss Quality Award, the ESSKAR or AAOS best scientific exhibit award.