Martin Lind, DENMARK

Martin Lind is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sportstraumatology and sportsmedicine at Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark. He is the clinical leader of Aarhus University Hospital complex knee surgery center which is one of two centers in Denmark.

He is presently a Head Professor of Orthopedics and Sports traumatology Aarhus University since 2011. The research interests include cartilage restoration, knee ligament reconstruction, patellafemoral disorders, meniscus disorders and sports traumatology epidemiology. He has published more than 275 articles and 14 textbook chapters on knee surgery and sports traumatology. He received an MD and Ph.D from Aarhus University and has completed research fellowship at Stanford University and a sportstraumatology fellowship in Melbourne, Australia.

Prof. Lind presently serves as educational secretary on the ESSKA executive board.