ESSKA is proud to give the following awards to those who make significant contributions to research in degenerative joint diseases and orthopaedic sports medicine.

When submitting an abstract for the ESSKA Congress, your submission will be automatically considered for the ESSKA Abstracts Awards. More information will come soon!

ESSKA-ON Foundation Partnership Award: Best Abstract in Orthoregeneration (NEW!)

This award is given for the highest scored abstract reviewed by a selected jury.

Criteria: Open to everyone who has submitted an abstract for the congress in the Orthoregeneration category
Rewards: EUR 2,000

Sponsored by: ON Foundation

Theo Van Rens Best Paper Award

This award is given for the best scientific presentation amongst the six highest ranked abstracts from the review process. These abstracts are presented in the Star Paper Session.

Criteria: Open to the top 6 ranked abstracts submitted for ESSKA Congress.
Rewards: EUR 3,000 and the winning paper will be published in KSSTA

Sponsored by: ESSKA Foundation

Best E-Poster Award

This award is given to the best posters accepted and displayed at the Congress. The 10 categories are: Ankle, Knee Degenerative, Knee ACL, Knee meniscus, Knee PCL/MCL/LCL, Hip/Groin, Muscle/Tendon, Shoulder, Elbow/wrist, Cartilage, and Basic science.

Criteria: Open to E-Poster presenters, who had their abstract submitted in one of the 10 categories
Rewards: EUR 250 each, in 10 different categories

Sponsored by: ESSKA Foundation

Basic Scientist Travel Grants

ESSKA supports Basic Scientists and provides financial support for four selected Basic Scientists enabling them to attend the 19th ESSKA Congress. Selection will be made by the Basic Science Committee of ESSKA based on the excellence of the basic science abstracts.

Criteria: Open to abstract submitters who submitted in the Basic Science Category and applied for the grant.
Rewards: EUR 500 to cover travel and accommodation expenses to attend the Congress

Sponsored by: ESSKA Foundation