Please familiar yourself with the sanitary measures valid in France at Palais de Congrès:

  • Health precautions such as gel, signages, distancing are still in force
  • The COVID Certificate (‘passe sanitaire’) must be controlled at the event entrances. It is required for all participants including attendees, exhibitors teams, providers, venues teams entering the perimeter of the event. EU COVID certificates are recognized as passe sanitaire. Should you come from a non-EU country, please visit the website here. An invalid sanitary pass (7 days after a full vaccination not completed, validity of test issued for example) will result in refusing access by the organizer to the person concerned. The participant can choose to go to get another PCR or antigenic test and come back again if it is negative. In order to apply for the European Covid certificate, please follow this link.
  • If you are not fully vaccinated or if your vaccine is not accepted in France, you can have an antigen or PCR test in any pharmacy.
  • Face masks are no longer mandatory inside the event perimeter as long as the incidence rate remains under 200 for 100 000 inhabitants, except if specifically requested by local authorities or the organizer.Wearing a mask is still mandatory for those who do not have a COVID Certificate (minor or exempted for medical reasons)
  • You are encouraged to download the app « TousAntiCovid »
  • The event capacity is to be visible at the entrance using signage

Please find below some useful information to get back to your country:

  • USA : Both tests are valid to go back to the USA. Tests have to be done less than 72 hours before departure. A declaration is requested. Further information here
  • United Kingdom : PCR is valid, Antigen under conditions. You also need to fill out the following form : Passenger Locator Form. Further information here.
  • Italy : Both tests are valid, need to be done less 48 hours before departure. If you have a vaccination proof, tests are not mandatory. A registration is requested here.
  • Germany : A PCR test less than 72 hours is requested, or Antigen test less than 48 hours, or a vaccination proof. A registration to access the country is requested here.
  • If your country is not on the list above, please find more information here.

Please note that the above mentioned rules are valid as of today. We will of course update this section as often as necessary to reflect the latest changes.